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The unique Octopus Locking Systems saves you thousands of Euro on operation and security from the first year of operation. The same applies every year thereafter. You save €’s

Our products were developed to address re-occurring security issues on remote and isolated sites throughout the country.

Our range of products is designed to improve site access security, particularly where multiple employees and key holders require access to a site to conduct their work. Our locking system eliminates the risk of misplacing locks between users and makes the management of site access much more streamlined.

The entire range has been designed with safety in mind, with just one external moving part; something which also lends our product an exceptional ease of use. Furthermore, the design of our product ensures protection for the locking mechanism, from both the elements and from accidental or intentional damage.

These easy-to-install lockboxes are both safe and durable and may be offered in a variety of materials and pricing options. Our company’s services range from the provision of individual units, to fully integrated barrier and lockbox systems. We cater to both the manufacturing and installation needs of our customers, with individual pricing solutions available.