PCDA, Portarlington Community Development Association.

Dear sir, please find the following comments re the installation by ‘OC Ironworks’ of the pedestrian friendly barrier system and Octopus Locking System across our site.

Product Testimonial.
Pedestrian / Cyclist friendly barrier system.

Portarlington Community Development Association. PCDA.

500 acres of bog, forests, lakes, etc.

Site Name.
Derryounce Lakes & Trails.

Tourism Development.

Purpose of works.
To secure the 10 existing access points to the parklands.
To stop all fly tipping.
To prevent the dumping / burning of vehicles.
To block access by quad bikes, scrambler motor bikes and horses which were damaging the site.

The Challenge.
The barriers had to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly.
The system had to be easily accessible by the emergency services, contractors, Coillte, BNM, site Maintainence crews, wildlife groups, walking trail groups, anglers club, etc;

‘OC Ironworks’ experience was very obvious in the high standard of their workmanship, the amazing dual lock “lockbox” system and even down to the advice that they gave in making use of the local terrain and natural choke points when picking a location to install their barrier system.

Quality and Service.
The true measure of any companies product’s “quality and service” can only be measured when it has been tried and tested in the field and this was certainly the case when the system was commissioned and the entire site was secured for the first time ever.
The first attempt to gain entry to the site involved drilling out the locks all to no avail as they still couldn’t open the barriers.
The second attempt involved using a portable ‘hydraulic jack’ to break open the locking system, again they failed to gain access to the site.
‘OC Ironworks’ were on site within 24 hours of call out to replace / repair damaged locks.

We are 100% satisfied with our choice of “OC Ironworks” as the contractor and installer of this really excellent barrier system across our site.
When we complete our other works elsewhere on the site we will forward photos of the barriers to you.
If anyone wishes to see the system in operation on our site please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Colm Powell PCDA.

Colm Powell